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What is organizational development?

The key premise of organizational development is that organizations are social systems.

The goal is to increase the long-term health and performance of the organization, while enriching the lives of its members.

The approach emphasizes organizational culture, which influences the way people work, using change based on research and action.

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The method is using planned change based on research to increase motivation, remove obstacles, and make change easier. The ideal is an organization where continuous improvement is so prevalent that it is not thought of as an initiative.

Organizational development (“OD”) transforms the culture (loosely, shared beliefs, values, and behaviors) by working with social and technical systems such as work processes, communication, and rewards.

This site describes some of the tools and techniques of organizational development. Though these tools work best as part of a combined whole, they can also be used one at a time - though then it might not be OD!

Organizational development is based on research, not case studies. Case studies can be interpreted differently, depending on what people know and what they already believe. Research into human behavior isolates and tests key assumptions and relationships, and is more reliable as a basis for change.

If you’re not ready to take the organizational development plunge, try it out on a small scale - some process consulting, some work-flow mapping, a brief employee survey, some customer feedback. We think the success of that first effort will make you want more - and make it easier to get more.


Organizational development helps companies, schools, colleges, and governments by:

Key benefits of organizational development

The outcomes of organizational development may include increases in:

More detailed goals of organizational development

The objectives of organizational development are an organization where:

Conceptual view of how organizational development works.

Various tools of the trade.

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