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Using surveys as a change tool. How to get the most out of your employee (or customer) survey, at all levels of the organization. Focuses on feedback and action planning.

Solving problems through empowerment and follow-through: what to do when people say, "You're the tenth consultant we've had in here, and nothing's ever happened."

Electronic surveys (PDF). They offer new opportunities, but there are also risks. This article shows how to avoid some major issues, and how to use electronic surveys to improve change efforts and help solve tactical and strategic issues.

Applying OD to car dealerships. This is a reprint of a 1999 Quality Digest article on Chrysler's renovated Five Star dealership program, which applied quality and OD principles to auto dealerships, with great success in many cases. Now available directly from Quality Digest!

Making Employee Surveys Useful (was $15): Get the most out of your employee surveys. Set expectations, create change, and send the right message.

Information on Toolpack services

Toolpack's change readiness survey. Discover obstacles and opportunities before you begin, and save time and money. Toolpack's change implementation survey. Where is your survey being implemented well, and where do you need to focus more effort? What are the obstacle to change?

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