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The Toolpack Consulting Model

There have been thousands of management and leadership fads over the years. Most of them worked very well when they were first applied, and have tremendous success stories. The early literature for these initiatives - process re-engineering, quality circles, organizational development, team-building, and all the rest - are full of incredible deeds and stories of companies that turned on a dime to achieve amazing things.

The stories are true. Each system worked beautifully.

Each one also failed miserably when applied in other organizations. Each is probably still being applied today, with and without success, in different places. Many are rediscovered each year and assigned different names to be the specialty of a different consulting firm. There's a simple reason for it: each has certain requirements which, if they are filled, will bring success. When those requirements are not met, failure is likely.

We built our individual model by looking at what every other system did, and how they did it. What we found as common ground was:

Our model, then, can be seen as a simple rearrangement of the core building blocks:

We designed our systems to make each of these productivity-increasing changes easier.

Each of our products is designed to reach the core issues in the model. Our surveys, for example, are designed to measure the components of the model, and our survey process itself is designed to help organizations in itself, by creating usable information, providing it to people who need it, and, through action planning sessions, providing power and normative cues (opportunities for culture change) to employees throughout the organization.

(Originally developed July 2002)

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