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The Toolpack Change Follow-Through Survey

You've initiated a change effort - a survey, a balanced scorecard, process reengineering, supply chain management, SAP. Everything seems to be going along just fine. Then you discover entire departments still doing things the old way. Survey reports sit on shelves, never opened. Does that sound familiar?

The Toolpack change follow-through survey was designed to avoid that scenario. Brief and economical, the survey is designed to:

Given the high cost of most change efforts in time, attention, and equipment or expertise, prudence demands effective follow-through. This survey is a good vehicle for increasing the success of your initiative.


The change follow-through survey is a custom-designed tool whose purpose is mainly to see where communication or action has not penetrated. We developed it after noticing in one large company that a particular department head had blocked all employee-survey feedback and action planning, including missives from the CEO himself, feeling it was a waste of time for his employees.


Our "standardized custom" package includes one day of consulting, top-level reports with reasonable breakdowns by division, unit, and/or location, an Internet domain name for the survey, and electronic administration via either Web or e-mail. For up to 3,000 respondents, the cost is $3,600. Contact us for more details.

What are the benefits?

More successful change efforts; uniform implementation of changes; ensuring program success; learning how to increase the success of the next initiative.

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