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Information Technology Readiness and Preparation Package

Despite the dynamic nature of today's world, changing or setting up new IT solutions can be fraught with problems. It is not unusual to find a workforce which is resistant to change, often because of:

The readiness and preparation package is designed to find obstacles to change before they imperil the success of the project.

It is also ideal as a communication vehicle, from leaders to employees - it shows that this project is important, and also that employee support is needed.

While it is customized for each organization, to make sure it fits the current environment, the Toolpack change readiness survey measures:

In addition, through open questions, it seeks to discover:

The cost of the package is usually dwarfed by the investment in the change itself. Yet, it can be the key ingredient in a program's success.



What is it?

A set of services designed to capture essential information before an IT initiative is started, to increase the speed of implementation and prevent expensive problems.

Why do I need it?

The Readiness and Preparation Package can greatly increase your success in introducing a new initiative or IT system.

It provides information about current human processes, obstacles, and the level of support by managers and employees. Knowing the obstacles and level of support in advance is key to managing change.

Using the Package to speed implementation and avoid roadblocks is essential in today's environment, with the need to show immediate results.


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